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What is the purpose of this site? started as a personal home page using the free space my ISP gave me with my dial-up account. I wanted to put some information up on the web that I had at home from lots of different sources. The site kept growing, changing, growing...

I used to use the portals just as they were going popular: sites like My Yahoo!, My Excite and But, while they were useful for giving up to date news headlines, I really wasn't interested in stock reports or my horoscope and (being Australian) wasn't that interested in movie times or TV listings or weather for US cities!

So I decided to try and make a portal for Catholics to use. Something that would give Catholics daily information of use to them that they could use instead of the secular portals - something that would give some spiritual nourishment. So I created My Catholic Start Page. In the beginning, I used JavaScript to create the site with about a fortnight's worth of daily information pre-loaded in the page. I physically had to update the page every few weeks. At one time, I lost internet access for over a month and had to do the updating from an Internet Café!

When I kept getting email from people saying how much they appreciated what I was doing, I decided to take the site to the next level and register a domain name. That was when the site became!

About the same time, I also began the Discussion Forum. Over two years later, we have dozens of regulars who still visit who were regular posters when the Forum first began! They say that if they were stranded on a desert island, they would be happy as long as they had a computer to be able to log on to the forum every day!

And now, at the beginning of 2000, we have finally finished and released the Catholic Pages Directory, a Yahoo!-like internet directory of Catholics websites and the articles in them. Instead of just providing links to the best Catholic sites on the web, we also provide categorized links to most of the pages within their sites so that you can find what you're interested in from here instead of wondering if they have what you're looking for, going to that site, trying to work out how to navigate around the site, and then trying to find the information you want. We really think the Catholic Start Directory is the best thing to have happened on the Internet for Catholics in at least 12 months!

Keep us in your prayers!

Who runs this site?

This site is a personal web site that started as a hobby and still is! We have no staff! We are a young Australian family, with four children.

We are practising Catholics and submit fully to the authority of the Church. We attend the traditional Latin Mass (approved by the local Archbishop) and we home-school.

This site is not an official site of the Catholic Church. As a layman, and as a private apostolate, it does not require the approval or supervision of the Church. However, we take great pains to ensure that nothing which promotes disobedience or dissent is to be found on the site. We take very seriously the Lord's admonition that we would be better to have millstones around our necks than lead the innocent (or ignorant) into error. If you want a site that will give "both sides" of an argument, then this site isn't for you. This site wants to show you the brilliance and the splendour of Catholicism.

Who pays for this site?

Visiting this site is free (and always will be!). However, there are costs involved in running the site and keeping it live. We don't have a staff to pay for like some of the other Catholic sites on the web (and, so, we'd ask you to be patient if we release things more slowly than they as well!). But, nevertheless, this is a popular site with lots of information and so there are running costs.

To meet those costs, we have gone to great effort to go through the selection of Catholic books available at and list those that are of especial value to Catholics who are loyal to the teachings of the Church (or want to be!). Whenever you buy books from The Catholic Bookrack here at we receive a commission from for the sale. Also, even if you aren't interested in buying one of the books we listed, any books, videos, CDs, computer games, toys, nails, computer equipment or anything else they sell by using the search boxes for on our site or following a link to on this site, we also get a commission on that sale too.

So, if you appreciate this site, and want to do your bit to help keep it running and growing, please come here first next time you want to buy something from That way, we will get a small part of the sale that you would have made anyway! That way, helps spread Catholic information without even knowing! :-)

Of course, if you are especially rich or generous and want to make a donation instead, we would we willing to accept your offering. Just click on the "feedback" link and send us an email!

Finally, even more important than financial support is prayer support. Please always keep me and my family in your prayers and ask God to bless our efforts with this site. Pray that it reaches the people who most need or want to learn the information we link to.

And one other thing, Don't keep this site a secret! If you love this site, when was the last time you told someone about it?! Why not put a note about us in your parish newsletter, use the "tell a friend!" link at the top of each page to email your friends about how great this site is!

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