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Books on Liturgy

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Architecture in Communion: Implementing the Second Vatican Council Through Liturgy and Architecture
Steven Schloeder
$19.96 (Save $4.99)
[Paperback] Ignatius Press (1998)
Catholic Etiquette: What You Need to Know About Catholic Rites and Wrongs
Kay Isca
$11.65 (Save $1.30)
[Paperback] Our Sunday Visitor (1997)
Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite: Eucharist and Liturgy of the Hours: A Manual
Msgr Peter J Elliott
$19.96 (Save $4.99)
[Paperback] Ignatius Press (1995)
At last, a complete ceremonial manual for the celebration of the Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours. Faithful to the renewal of worship authorized by the Second Vatican Council, Ceremonies combines precise guidance to these rites with a pastoral and spiritual approach. A high ideal of noble Catholic worship is consistently maintained, respecting the "continuity of our tradition".
Liturgical Question Box
Msgr Peter Elliott
$11.65 (Save $1.30)
[Paperback] Ignatius Press (1998)
Should we hold hands during the "Our Father"? Is liturgical dancing OK? Should the priest say "Good morning" at Mass? And what about those water lillies sprouting in our new font? Msgr. Peter Elliott responds to these and many other liturgical questions in a clear and, at times humorous way. He deals with the questions people have about the way Mass and the Sacraments are meant to be celebrated.
Mass Confusion: Dos and Don'ts of Catholic Worship
James Akin
[Paperback] (1998)
A comprehensive review of proper Catholic liturgical practice, easily accessible to laity, has been needed to address controversies surrounding liturgical changes (reforms and abuses) being implemented with growing frequency in the Western Catholic Church subsequent to Vatican II.
  Mass of the Roman Rite: Its Origins and Development (2 Volumes)
Fr Joseph A Jungmann
[Paperback] Christian Classics (1996)
  Reform of the Roman Liturgy: Its Problems and Background
Msgr Klaus Gamber
[Paperback] Roman Catholic Books (1993)
Gamber shows clearly what went wrong in the liturgical renewal of pope Paul VI: the forced use of a new liturgy, lectionary and calendar planned and published without much respect for the tradition of about 1600 years of natural development of the liturgy; the turning of the altar without any real historical or scientific support etc.
Renovation Manipulation: The Church Counter-Renovation Handbook
Michael S Rose
[Paperback] (2000)
"Well-documented, The Renovation Manipulation is an excellent resource for Catholics struggling with renovators who want to change their parish churches. In examining the problems that occur when renovations are undertaken without a true consensus among parishioners, Michael S. Rose has done a service in delineating the problem and providing resource and information to counter the elitists who want to change the look of churches as a means of changing the Church herself."
Spirit of the Liturgy
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
$14.36 (Save $3.59)
[Hardback] Ignatius Press (2000)
Considered by Ratzinger devotees as his greatest work on the Liturgy, this profound and beautifully written treatment of the “great prayer of the Church” will help readers rediscover the Liturgy in all its hidden spiritual wealth and transcendent grandeur as the very center of our Christian life. In his own foreward to the book, Cardinal Ratzinger compares this work to a much earlier classic of the same title by Romano Guardini because Ratzinger feels that his insights here are similar with what Guardini achieved in his time regarding a renewed understanding of the Liturgy. “My purpose here is to assist this renewal of understanding of the Liturgy. Its basic intentions coincide with what Guardini wanted to achieve. The only difference is that I have had to translate what Guardini did at the end of the First World War, in a totally different historical situation, into the context of our present-day questions, hopes and dangers. Like Guardini, I am not attempting to involve myself with scholarly discussion and research. I am simply offering an aid to the understanding of the faith and to the right way to give the faith its central form of expression in the Liturgy.”
  Antiphonale Monasticum: Monastic Antiphonale
[Hardback] Paraclete Press (1934)
This is a beautiful reprint of the 1930's version of the Antiphonale Monasticum published by the monks of Solesme. It contains an introduction and a guide to singing chant; a kalendar; and all the music needed to perform all the canonical hours througout the year, except for the Night Office, in the pre-Vatican II monastic rite. It also contains multiple appendices and indices. It should be noted that the entire book is, of course, in Latin, and follows the Benedictine monastic rite, not the Roman rite. Overall, a tremendously important book for liturgists, chant-enthusiasts, and those who wish to prayerfully chant the old Latin monastic offices.
  Book of Blessings
[Hardback] Catholic Book Publishing Co (1989)
Called to Serve: A Guidebook for Altar Servers
Albert Nevins
$14.35 (Save $1.60)
[Paperback] Our Sunday Visitor (1993)
Cantate et Jubileo Deo: A Devotional and Liturgical Hymnbook
$23.96 (Save $5.99)
[Hardback] Our Sunday Visitor (1999)
Celebrating The Mass: A Guide for Understanding and Loving the Mass More Deeply (10-Pack)
Fr Alfred McBride
[Paperback] Our Sunday Visitor (1999)
Along with the official texts of the Ordinary of the Mass are Father McBride's enlightening explanations. Also included are the scriptural and historical background of the Last Supper; the tremendous significance of the Eucharist and what really happens; all four Eucharistic prayers - how they differ in focus and what elements remain the same; the liturgical sights and sounds, altar vessels, furnishings, and vestments.
  Cranmer's Godly Order: The Destruction of Catholicism Through Liturgical Change
Michael Davies
[Hardback] Roman Catholic Books (1995)
  Dictionary of the Liturgy
Jovian P Lang
[Hardback] Catholic Book Publishing Co (1989)
Feast of Faith: Approaches to a Theology of the Liturgy
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
$10.75 (Save $1.20)
[Paperback] Ignatius Press (1986)
In these instructive and inspiring essays, Cardinal Ratzinger presents "approaches to the theology of the liturgy," the product of serious scholarship and deep love for the Church.

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