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Books about Popes

Crossing the Threshold of Hope
Pope John Paul II
$13.50 (Save $1.50)
[Paperback] Random House (1995)
Fifteen years into his Papacy, and on the eve of the third millennium, Pope John Paul II goes to the heart of his personal beliefs and speaks with passion about the existence of God; about pain, suffering, and evil; about "salvation"; and about the relationship of Catholicism to other branches of the Christian faith. With the humility and generosity of spirit for which he is well known, John Paul speaks forthrightly to all people.
Gift and Mystery: On the 50th Anniversary of My Priestly Ordination
Pope John Paul II
$8.05 (Save 90)
[Paperback] Image Books (1999)
Pope John Paul II relates the origin and course of his call to the priesthood on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of his ordination. The book constitutes a kind of spiritual autobiography, beginning with boyhood in Poland to elevation to the office of Pope.
His Holiness: John Paul II and the Hidden History of Our Time
Carl Bernstein
$13.45 (Save $1.50)
[Paperback] Penguin (1996)
Hitler, The War and The Pope
Ronald J Rychlak
$17.95 (Save $2.00)
[Paperback] Our Sunday Visitor (2000)
Perhaps no modern-day leader of the Roman Catholic Church has sparked as much controversy as Pope Pius XII, the Bishop of Rome during World War II. With exacting scholarship, Professor Ron Rychlak gives a full exploration of the background facts, including discussions of history, religion, politics, diplomacy, and military tactics. Then come ten fundamental questions about Pope Pius XII and the Nazis which are answered with legal analysis and authoritative citation.
Jesus, Peter and the Keys: A Scriptural Handbook on the Papacy
Scott Butler
$13.45 (Save $1.50)
[Paperback] Queenship Publishing (1997)
This voluminous study examines the question of the Papacy in theological, biblical, and historical context, attempting to dispel doubts about the traditional Roman Catholic position by an impessive collection of data and commentary.
Journal of a Soul
Pope John XXIII
$13.45 (Save $1.50)
[Paperback] Ignatius Press (1999)
Journal of a Soul is an inspiring reading experience that records this pope's thoughts and traces his spiritual development from adolescence to the seminary to a career as a priest, a European papal diplomat, Patriarch of Venice, and finally Pope John XXIII.
Saints and Sinners: A History of the Popes
Eamonn Duffy
$17.95 (Save $2.00)
[Paperback] Yale University Press (1999)
"Saints and Sinners" encompasses the extraordinary history of the Papacy, from its beginnings nearly 2,000 years ago to the reign of Pope John Paul II. Abundantly illustrated, it will fascinate anyone wishing to understand the history of the Catholic church, as well as anyone with an interest in the ideological political, and cultural forces that have shaped the modern world.
Witness to Hope
George Weigel
$28.00 (Save $7.00)
[Hardback] (1999)
Witness To Hope: The Biography of Pope John Paul II by George Weigel is as comprehensive a biography of its subject as can be hoped for while the Pope still lives. Weigel, a journalist who came to the Pope's attention after the publication of his book, The Final Revolution: The Resistance Church and the Collapse of Communism, wrote Witness To Hope with his subject's encouragement and assistance. Weigel had unprecedented access to the Pope's correspondence (with, among others, world leaders including Mikhail Gorbachev). He reports lengthy conversations with many members of the Pope's inner circle, and he occasionally reveals vivid details of the Pope's daily life (for example, at the beginning of each day, the Pope's adviser's hear moans and groaning from John Paul's solitary prayers in his private chapel).
Incredible Book of Vatican Facts and Papal Curiosities: A Treasury of Trivia
Nino Bello
[Paperback] Liguori Publications (1998)
Over 500 fascinating facts are collected in this treasury of trivia by Nino LoBello, who entertains readers with anecdotes about Vatican VIPS, places and palaces in Vatican City, the idiosyncrasies of myriad pontiffs, and much, much more.
  Oxford Dictionary of the Popes
$13.45 (Save $1.50)
[Paperback] Oxford University Press (1989)
Passing the Keys: Modern Cardinals, Conclaves and the Election of the Next Pope
Francis Burkle-Young
$28.00 (Save $7.00)
[Hardback] (1999)
Burkle-Young describes the principle candidates in the early negotiations for the conclave that will elect the next Pope and chronicles John Paul II's most likely successors.
  Pius XII: Greatness Dishonoured
[Hardback] Roman Catholic Books (1993)
Pontiff: Popes Who Shaped History
John Jay Hughes
$15.25 (Save $1.70)
[Paperback] Our Sunday Visitor (1994)
Learn about 11 of the most influential popes from Peter to the present. Each chapter focuses on a particular pope.
Pope John XXIII: A Spiritual Biography
Christian Feldman
$15.96 (Save $3.99)
[Hardback] Crossroad Publishing Co (2000)
A cheerful conversationalist, who couldn't hide his peasant's roots even after fifty years as a clerical diplomat and bishop, Angelo Roncalli loved to make impromptu speeches, where he got carried away and held forth endlessly. At official receptions he told jokes and served up delicious anecdotes. He was no monarch, but a grandpa. He had no starry-eyed majesty, but lots of earthiness and familiar intimacy. The writer Marie Luise Kaschnitz was moved to call him a "human being disguised as pope." For centuries the Church has appeared more like a great block of stone, immovable, in repose encapsulated in a mixture of complacency and fear. Pope Roncalli had a completely different and inviting approach to life. "The world is moving," he once noted. "We have to find the right access to it, with a youthful and confident heart, and not waste time on confrontation. Angelo Roncalli was pope for only five years, yet he won the hearts and minds of people the world over, including many non-Catholics with his warm style and commitment to bring the Catholic Church in line with the modern world. "We are not on the earth to guard a museum," he had once said about the Church, "but to ten a blooming garden full of life." Pope John XXIII is the story of a real Christian who became pope.
Pope Pius XII: Architect for Peace
Margherita Marchione
$18.36 (Save $4.59)
[Paperback] Paulist Press (2000)
This is a compelling, well written book which bases its conclusions on quotes from prominent Jewish leaders from the time of Pope Pius XII and Hitler and headlines from typically anti-Cathlolic sources such as the New York Times and Washington Post. When the Chief Rabbi of Rome was saved from death by being hidden in the Vatican and praises Pius XII for all he did to save thousands of Jews, it is difficult to believe than anyone today is "uncovering" the "real" story. Why should anyone believe John Cornwell or any other current day "researcher" when all one has to do is read what the Jews of the time were saying about this Pope? Does Cornwell who did not live through the holocaust have more authority and credibility than Jews who were saved from death by Pius XII? Dr. Marchione does not rely on her own interpretation of Piux XII's motivations to build her case. She does an excellent job of dissecting the actual recorded historical events of the time and the reaction of prominent leaders around the world, especially Jewish leaders. She also traces back the origin of the criticism of this Pope to the FICTIONAL play "The Deputy". It is unfortunate that many critics of Pope Pius XII either will not take the time to review the facts of what Jewish leaders said about this Pope at the time or will not be honest about their agenda to discredit and tear down the Catholic Church regardless of whether their writings are based on lies and supposition.

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