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Best of Nightline: Assassination Attempt Against Pope John Paul II
$13.99 (Save 99)
[VHS Tape] (1981)
Biography: Pope John Paul II - Statesman of Faith
$13.99 (Save 96)
[VHS Tape] (1995)
Subtitled Statesman of Faith, this 46-minute documentary details the surprising history of the man who became the first Polish Pope. Toughened by the tragedy of losing his entire family, Karol Wojtyla was a young acting student when the Nazis invaded his Polish city. Old friends and colleagues describe how that event eventually turned him toward an underground seminary and how, amid the war and the resulting Communist takeover, Wojtyla evolved into an inspiring figure who led youth groups, published a book on sexuality, and became a rising academic. When the Vatican chose him to replace Pope John Paul I, it was with provocation of the Soviet Union in mind. This A&E Biography takes viewers through the new Pope's successful efforts to help end Communism and convince Catholics to celebrate conservative moral values. Included with the expected footage of the Pope amongst international throngs, there is graphic footage of the 1981 attempt on his life and candid photos of his 50th class reunion held at the Vatican.
From A Far Country: Pope John Paul II
$17.99 (Save $1.96)
[VHS Tape] (1981)
  How Jesus Died - The Final 18 Hours
[VHS Tape] (1994)
A compelling documentary that presents comprehensive medical, forensic and historical facts of the suffering and crucifixion of Our Lord. Four renowned experts explore all aspects of the passion and death of Jesus using high-tech graphics, paintings and dramatic reenactments to bring you a greater appreciation of the love and suffering of our Saviour.
John Paul II: Millennial Pope
$17.99 (Save $1.99)
[VHS Tape] (1999)
  Padre Pio: Man of God
[VHS Tape] (2000)
Pope John Paul II: His Biography & Tridentine Mass
[VHS Tape] (1995)
Pope John Paul II: His Life & Teachings
$26.93 (Save $2.99)
[VHS Tape] (1996)
If there is one must-see documentary on Pope John Paul II's life and ministry, this is it. In a way, the first tape, Do Not Be Afraid, is a summary of the Pope's pursuit of God, of love, and of light for all people. Interspersed with an English-language interview with him are footage and quotes from some of his 20-plus years of tenderness for people of all nations, ages, races, and faiths. Aside from the Pope's personal journey, however, this documentary offers a profound and ironically new manner of looking at our times. Amid surprisingly graphic footage of the events of the 20th century, clips of the Pope's visits to the war torn, the oppressed, and the needy accumulate to a moral critical mass where all the pain of the century cries out for an answer. We see Pope John Paul II present that answer as a kind of balm to every crisis he seeks out: peace to the oppressed, peace to the oppressors, peace to the dying, and peace to the young. Facing all the terrors of our time with an answer so simple is a task of faith and courage. Yet the presentation is so riveting and so powerful, it indeed commands, "do not be afraid," and indeed we believe. The second tape, The Christmas and Easter Liturgies of Pope John Paul II, is perhaps of less relevance to non-Catholics, but no less interesting. Snatches of church architecture and history serve to embellish the beauty of the celebrations, and the sacramental nature of each aspect of the events brings scripture to life. The heart and the devotion that have made the Pope what he is to the world outwardly are herein displayed.
Pope John Paul II: Pilgrimage of Hope (3-Tape Box Set)
$23.39 (Save $2.60)
[VHS Tape] (1998)
Pope John Paul II: Popes of Our Century (Vol 3)
[VHS Tape] (1998)
Popes & Their Art
$21.99 (Save $3.00)
[VHS Tape] (1993)
Saints & Sinners: History of the Popes
$52.95 (Save $7.00)
[VHS Tape] (1997)
Saints and Sinners, produced with the cooperation of the Vatican, explores this rich and compelling history, revealing the crucial roles and human dimensions of the Popes, and unlocking the great stories of devotion, sacrifice and betrayal, politics and intrigue, and great artistic and cultural achievement. Six volumes of approx. 60 minutes each: Upon This Rock, Between the Empires, Set Over Nations, Protest and Division, The Pope and the People and The Oracles of God.
Vatican City: Art and Glory
$17.99 (Save $1.99)
[VHS Tape] (1994)
Vatican Revealed
$26.96 (Save $2.99)
[VHS Tape] (1999)
Despite the title, there are (unsurprisingly) no gossipy revelations in this A&E-produced two-video set. What you get instead is a thorough look at the history and culture of the Roman Catholic municipality and its sovereign leader, the Pope. The 53-minute first tape concentrates on the history, exploring the construction of the first St. Peter's Basilica by 800 of Constantine's subjects to honor the crucified apostle above the spot where he was said to be buried. Narrator Mike Farrell details centuries of power struggles between various popes and government leaders, along the way to the church's eventual demolition and replacement in the 1500s, with Michelangelo at the artistic helm. The 42-minute second half takes a look at the modern Vatican, its gardens, its phenomenal art collection, and its Pope. John Paul II's personal history, his political influence, and his legacy are discussed by a series of historians, writers (including Watergate's Carl Bernstein, who wrote a book about the man), and clerics.

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