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We need your help!

Dear Friend of,

We experienced an enormous increase in traffic in the period following the death of Pope John Paul II and the election of Pope Benedict XVI. Whereas we ordinarily receive around 6,000 visitors a day, during this period we were receiving over 60,000 visits per day. Our page on how a Pope is elected was linked from a number of major news websites, and featured prominently in major search engines.

The effect of this was that the spike in traffic led to an unusually high bill for the hosting of the website in those months.

Normally, we have 15GB of traffic allowed, which is ample. However, during this period, we were generating that much traffic each day!

We have therefore had to pay an additional $300 in hosting charges for this traffic. We are able to pay for that. However, as you may know, this website is a personal website of a young Catholic family. If you would like to share that expense with us, it would relieve us of some of this unexpected expense.

If you would like to make a small contribution to help us cover this unusual expense, we would be very grateful. If you have a few stray dollars in your PayPal account, would you consider sending them our way?

I hope you will consider helping us. Please click on the link above to make your donation. (If you have never used Paypal before, you will be asked to register. Paypal is one of the most respected online payment systems and has thousands of users.)

A Mass will be said regularly for all the benefactors of the site, and you will be remembered gratefully every day in our prayers.

Please pray for us! Please pray especially to St Therese of Lisieux for this intention.

God bless,
Sydney, Australia

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