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Cardinal Gouyon

Cardinal Gouyon
H.E. Paul Card. GOUYON
Archbishop Emeritus of Rennes
Monday, October 24, 1910
September 26, 2000 (Aged 89)
Cardinal since:
Monday, April 28, 1969
Cardinal Priest of La Natività di NSGC a via Gallia

Born in Bordeaux, France, on October 24, 1910, Cardinal Gouyon responded to his priestly vocation after first brilliantly distinguishing himself in literary, legal and scientific studies in the schools and university of his native city, and then serving as a military reserve officer. Between 1932 and 1937, he studied Philosophy and Theology at his diocesan seminary, and completed his studies in Theology at the Gregorian University in Rome. On March 13, 1937, he was ordained. Because of his special talents in dealing with young people, Gouyon was assigned pastoral activities concerning spiritual assistance for students. He was named Bishop of Bayonne on August 6, 1957, and promoted as Titular Archbishop of the Church of Pessinonte on September 6, 1963, and finally Archbishop of Rennes on September 4, 1964. He was made a cardinal by Paul VI during the Consistory of April 28, 1969. He retired from his duties as archbishop on October 15, 1985.

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