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Cardinal Taofinu'u

Cardinal Taofinu'u

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Cardinal Taofinu'u
Archbishop Emeritus of Samoa-Apia
Saturday, December 08, 1923)
20 January 2006 (Aged 82)
Cardinal since:
Monday, March 05, 1973
Cardinal Priest of S Onofrio

Born on December 9, 1923 in Falealupo, archdiocese of Samoa-Apia, Cardinal Taofinu'u commenced his priestly education in Moamoa, Western Samoa. He continued his studies at the Seminary of Wallis Island and then at the Major Seminary of Green Meadows, New Zealand. He was ordained on December 8, 1954. His first trip to Rome came about when Bishop George Pearce asked Taofinu'u to accompany him to the Second Vatican Council. He remained in Rome for three months and took advantage of his travels to visit the Holy Land. After serving as Vicar to Bishop Pearce from 1964, in 1966 Taofinu'u became Vicar General of the diocese. On January 11, 1968, he was named Bishop of Apia, and was one of the organizers of Pope Paul VI's November 1970 visit to the Samoan Islands. From the very beginning of his ministry, Taofinu'u dedicated himself to founding new schools, to tackling social issues, and to the apostolate. He founded the Theological College for Catechists and Deacons. His work contributed greatly to an increase in priestly vocations in Samoa. On September 10, 1982 he was promoted Archbishop of Samoa-Apia and Tokelau, and elevated to the cardinalate by Paul VI during the Consistory of March 5, 1973.

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