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Cardinal Todea

Cardinal Todea
H.E. Alexandru Card. TODEA
Archbishop Emeritus of Fagaras and Alba Julia
Wednesday, June 05, 1912
22 May 2002 (Aged 90)
Cardinal since:
Friday, June 28, 1991
Cardinal Priest of S Atanasio a Via Tiburtina

Born on June 5, 1912, in Teleac, Romania, and ordained on March 25, 1939, Cardinal Todea worked in various parishes until the Communist suppression of the Byzantine-Rite Catholic Church in his country in 1948. He was appointed Bishop of Cesaropoli on July 4, 1950, and consecrated secretly. In 1951, he was arrested, tried and condemned to life imprisonment; a 1964 amnesty, however, delivered him from his sentence. From that date he rigorously devoted himself to reorganizing his Greek-rite Catholic community. Promoted on March 14, 1990, to Archbishop of Fagaras and Alba Julia, he was made a cardinal by John Paul II during the Consistory of June 28, 1991. He retired on July 20, 1994.

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