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Cardinal Wamala

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Cardinal Wamala
H.E. Emmanuel Card. WAMALA
Archbishop Emeritus of Kampala
94 (Born Wednesday, December 15, 1926)
Cardinal since:
Monday, February 28, 1994
Cardinal Priest of S Ugo

Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala, Archbishop of Kampala, (Uganda), was born on 15 December 1926 at Kamaggwa, in the parish of Lwaggulwe in the Diocese of Masaka. His father, Cosma Kyamcra and his mother, Theresa Nnamayanja, were blessed by the birth of 10 children, two of whom died while still babies. Of the eight remaining children (five boys and three girls) two became priests, one a religious and the others married.

He went to the elementary school of Kalisizo and Bakira for four years, before he entered Bukasala Minor Seminary in 1942. After seven years in Bukasala, he attended the National Major Seminary of Katingodo from 1949 to 1955. He gained pastoral experience in Kabula parish in the Masaka Diocese. In September 1956, he was sent to Rome for further study at the Pontifical Urban University, where he obtained a licentiate in theology (doctorate of letters). He was ordained priest on 21 December 1957, in Rome.

After his ordination, Archbishop Wamala continued his studies at the Gregorian University in Rome (1958-1960) earning a licentiate in social sciences. He returned to Uganda in 1960.

For two years after returning to Uganda in 1960, Emmanuel Wamala worked at the parish of Villa Maria which then functioned as the Diocesan School Supervisor in the Diocese of Masaka. From 1962 to 1964 he took a course in pedagogy at Makerere University, Kampala. After gaining a diploma in pedagogy at Makerere University in 1964 he was sent to teach at Bukalasa Minor Seminary until 1968, when he was appointed chaplain of Makerere University. He held this post until 1974.

In 1974 he was named Vicar General of Masaka and at the same time for a certain period, parish priest of Nkoni (1975-1977) and of Kimaanya (1977-79). In 1977, Paul VI conferred on him the title of Chaplain of His Holiness.

After his appointment as Bishop of Kiyinda-Mityana on 17 July 1981, on 22 November 1981 he was ordained by Cardinal Emmanuel Nsubuga.

On 21 June 1988 he was promoted to the rank of Coadjutor Bishop of Kampala. On 8 February 1990, he succeeded Cardinal Nsubuga.

Archbishop Emmanuel Wamala has been President of the Episcopal Conference of Uganda (1986-1994).

Since 1990, he has also been President of the Uganda Joint Christian.

Archbishop Wamala became the first Rector of the New Uganda Martyrs University, officially opened on 18 October 1993.

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