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Personalize your Catholic Start Page!

Step 1: Set your time zone

This site is run from Sydney, Australia, but hosted in western Canada (!) where the current time is 1:47:16 PM on Friday, April 16, 2021. If you are not in the same time zone as the server, there will be times in the day when you may be a day ahead or a day behind local time and the page will display the wrong Feastday and quote.

To overcome this, please select the time zone from the following list closest to your current local time:  

Step 2: Enter your name

If you enter your name, it will appear in the menubar of your window and at the top of your Catholic Start Page so that you know it is your personalized page you are looking at.

Enter or change your name in this box:  

Step 3: Where are you from?

By telling us where you come from, we can display Amazon recommendations from your local Amazon store.

Select where you are from:

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Step 4: Submit your settings!

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